Sharing the Memory: How to Split a Cremation Urn with Family Members

When multiple family members wish to share the memory of a loved one, splitting a cremation urn can be a sensitive and delicate process. At Urn Centre Australia, we understand the importance of finding respectful and practical solutions in these situations. In this article, we will provide guidance on how to navigate the process of splitting a cremation urn, ensuring that each family member can have a meaningful connection to their loved one's memory.

Open and Honest Communication: Start by fostering open and honest communication among family members. Create a safe space where everyone can express their wishes, concerns, and emotions. Encourage active listening and empathy to better understand each other's perspectives.

Consider Personal Preferences: Take into account the personal preferences and emotional attachments of each family member. Discuss their desired level of involvement and connection to the urn. Some may prefer a physical portion of the ashes, while others may find solace in sharing a keepsake or participating in memorial activities.

Explore Splitting Options: There are various ways to split a cremation urn, depending on the preferences and circumstances of the family members involved. Options include dividing the ashes equally, creating smaller replica urns, or using separate keepsake urns to hold a portion of the ashes.

Customisation for Individual Tributes: Consider customisation options to create personalised tributes for each family member. Engravings, plaques, or customised artwork can be added to the urns or keepsakes, ensuring that each reflects the unique relationship and memories shared with the loved one.

Seeking Mediation or Professional Assistance: In situations where disagreements arise, it can be beneficial to seek mediation or professional assistance. A neutral third party, such as a family counsellor or funeral director, can help facilitate discussions and find mutually agreeable solutions.

Creating Shared Rituals and Memorials: To foster a sense of togetherness, consider creating shared rituals or memorials that involve each family member. Plan joint memorial services, family gatherings, or a communal scattering of ashes, where everyone can participate and contribute to honouring the memory of the loved one.

Documentation and Legal Considerations: Document any agreements or arrangements made regarding the splitting of the cremation urn. Ensure that legal requirements, such as obtaining necessary permissions or following local regulations, are met. Consult with professionals, if needed, to ensure compliance with legalities.


Splitting a cremation urn among family members requires compassion, understanding, and open communication. By considering personal preferences, exploring splitting options, customising for individual tributes, seeking mediation if necessary, creating shared rituals, and addressing legal considerations, you can navigate this process with sensitivity and respect. At Urn Centre Australia, we support you in finding meaningful ways to honour and share the memory of your loved one, ensuring that each family member can cherish their connection in their own unique way.